The Art Of Self-Pity

Just because you’re a published author, does not mean you’re quitting your day job and moving to warmer climates. It just doesn’t work that way. Actually, it can be quite the opposite, and if you aren’t strong-willed, this business probably isn’t for you. Everyone wants their baby to do well. You don’t want to watch… Read more »

How Do You Write? Unorthodox Methods!

I’ve never sat down at my computer and thought to myself, “How should I write?” Is there a proper way to put your thoughts on paper? Surely, what you’re writing needs to be plotted well, pacing needs to be spot on, characters have to jump off the page so the reader will believe in them… Read more »

Four Years Of Bad Road

Publishing a novel has not only been a dream of mine for decades, but has also handed me its fair share of pain and disappointment. I finished the first draft of “The Darkening” four years ago! FOUR YEARS! You don’t really feel that passage of time if not for certain touchstones along the way. Mine,… Read more »

The Social Media Learning Curve

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’m a little behind the times when it comes to certain modern technologies. At one time I prided myself on being up-to-date. I bought my first DH TV as soon as it hit the store. I was on the Blu-Ray bandwagon when they still cost $50… Read more »