About Christopher Motz

Christopher Motz Headshot

Christopher Motz is a writer of horror and science fiction that digs into the darker corners of our world… and the ones right next door. He is an avid reader, musician, collector, YouTuber, and local historian. He lives in small-town Pennsylvania with his wife and step-daughter.

His first novel, ‘The Darkening,’ was released in October 2016 and has since spawned a sequel, ‘The Traveler,’ in 2018. These works are part of a larger tale, and have set down the mythology that makes appearances in most of his other work.

Another novel, ‘Pine Lakes’ was released in 2017 along with two stand-alone novellas – ‘The Farm’ and ‘Broken.’ His short stories have appeared in multiple anthologies and he has collaborated with several authors, one of which he co-wrote his 2017 novel, ‘The Pigeon.’

Christopher has several projects upcoming in 2019, including a new novel, ‘Tenants,’ and other anthology appearances.

“Motz’s books remind me of a lost Stephen King or Richard Laymon novel…’

–Amazon reviewer