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Greg Sullivan is a normal teenager with a plan – take the school’s prettiest girl to a movie and secure bragging rights for the remainder of the school year.

Everything was going according to plan until his date was eaten in the parking lot by an unidentifiable brown blob of jelly and Greg was forced to flee downtown Ditchburn in fear for his life. With only his best friend, Brandon, and a basic exit strategy, they need to get across town and escape what has quickly become a terrifying invasion of otherworldly beings.

Is it an alien attack or something far more sinister, and can the two friends get to the bottom of it before the entire town is taken over?

‘Melt’ is a terrifying, comedic, and loving homage to science fiction and horror of the past with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.


Linda Gianni is looking for a way out.

After a bad breakup, Linda finds an ad in a local paper for rooms to rent at the Blackridge Apartments, a beautiful turn-of-the-century building with charm and style. On the surface, it’s exactly what she wanted, but some things are too good to be true.

As she struggles to cope with the sudden changes in her life, she’s dealt blow after blow that further isolates her and keeps her at the mercy of her landlord and mysterious neighbor, Audrey.
Blackout nightmares, hidden doors, and the disappearance of her closet friends only add to her confusion as she searches for answers and tries to unlock the secrets of the Blackridge.

Do you know who your neighbors are?

The Traveler

The town of Elmview, Pennsylvania is a vacant ghost of its former self. Abandoned and forgotten, it has carried the scars of its demise and has gone down in the history books as urban legend. Those who know what happened have died or moved on, but evil never forgets…

…and it has found a new home.

Geoff Baker is a skeptic, but after seeing a paranormal television show about a derelict mansion on the outskirts of Elmview, he and his friends take a road trip to see if the stories are true. It doesn’t take them long to realize they’d stumbled onto something much more sinister than a few angry spirits.

The war that had begun in Elmview in 1986 was only the beginning.

Unwittingly thrust into a nightmare, Geoff must navigate the darkest reaches of our world to learn the truth about what happened, and somehow find the hidden power inside him to survive the battle to come. His journey leads him to a mysterious young boy who has the answers, a boy who has seen what their enemy is capable of…

…a boy who had died trying to stop it.


‘The Traveler’ is the terrifying second book in ‘The Great Rift’ series and expands on the mythology set down in ‘The Darkening.’ The struggle between light and darkness rages on.

Pine Lakes

Ted and Susan Merchant have been coming to the Pine Lakes Resort for nearly twenty years. In that time, their annual getaway has become a tradition, a peaceful week nestled in the picturesque mountains of northern Pennsylvania. For them, it isn’t just a simple vacation spot, but a magical destination where time slows and they become one with nature’s magnificence.

When a freak summer storm forces Ted to lose control of their car and plummet off the road, they’re relieved just to have survived, but relief quickly turns to dread as they find out all too soon they’re not alone.

Strange lights in the forest, whispered warnings, the insurmountable threat of unseen forces lurking in the shadows; nothing could have prepared them for the horrors that lie ahead.

Escaping the wreck is just the beginning.

Is love enough to save them, or will they become the latest victims on the road to Pine Lakes?

The Darkening

The skies above Elmview are growing dark.

Sixteen-year-old Danny Harper and his friends look forward to summer vacation as another adventure, a chance to leave responsibility behind and enjoy their last few years before High School graduation. The summer of 1986 offers up more than its share of surprises, some of which will change everything they’ve ever known.

Their home is about to become a battleground between light and darkness as Danny and his friends are swept up in a war that has raged since the dawn of time. An ancient evil has emerged from the shadows to claim Earth as its own, and it won’t stop until it reigns supreme over the cosmos.

Fighting their own inner demons, the boys will be faced with love, betrayal, and the struggle for their very survival.

But what is the cost of salvation?


Christopher Motz’s debut novel takes you from small-town America to places unseen and unknown, to the dark corners of our world and to the worlds right next door.

Welcome to The Darkening.

"The Darkening is a promising, spine-chilling debut! Motz is a writer to watch."
Brian Keene – The Rising, Ghoul