The Darkening

The skies above Elmview are growing dark.

Sixteen-year-old Danny Harper and his friends look forward to summer vacation as another adventure, a chance to leave responsibility behind and enjoy their last few years before High School graduation. The summer of 1986 offers up more than its share of surprises, some of which will change everything they’ve ever known.

Their home is about to become a battleground between light and darkness as Danny and his friends are swept up in a war that has raged since the dawn of time. An ancient evil has emerged from the shadows to claim Earth as its own, and it won’t stop until it reigns supreme over the cosmos.

Fighting their own inner demons, the boys will be faced with love, betrayal, and the struggle for their very survival.

But what is the cost of salvation?


Christopher Motz’s debut novel takes you from small-town America to places unseen and unknown, to the dark corners of our world and to the worlds right next door.

Welcome to The Darkening.