‘Tenants’ is coming soon!

It’s that time again, the lead-up to the release of another book! It’s always an exciting time for me, and I hope you’re as pumped as I am!

‘Tenants’ will be available for pre-order soon for your Kindle device, and will also be available to anyone with a Kindle Unlimited account. Paperback details will follow soon!

Do you know who your neighbors are?

‘Linda Gianni is looking for a way out.

After a bad breakup, Linda finds an ad in a local paper for rooms to rent at the Blackridge Apartments, a beautiful turn-of-the-century building with charm and style. On the surface, it’s exactly what she wanted, but some things are too good to be true.

As she struggles to cope with the sudden changes in her life, she’s dealt blow after blow that further isolates her and keeps her at the mercy of her landlord and mysterious neighbor, Audrey.

Blackout nightmares, hidden doors, and the disappearance of her closet friends only add to her confusion as she searches for answers and tries to unlock the secrets of the Blackridge.’


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