Great Review For ‘Pine Lakes’

Every now and then, reviews disappear from the places they count most. In an attempt to right the wrong, here’s one of those reviews that vanished without a trace!


Let me tell you all about this book, Pine Lakes. It’s creepy, it’s horrifying, it’s a carefully constructed story of a couple who have been together twenty years and have since seen each other at their best and their very, very worst. It jumps back and forth from past to present and fills in the blanks of this relationship, one on which the entire book hinges. I felt like I understood these people by the time I finished. So I cared what happened to them. When a twist came up (and there were MANY twists), I gasped, I ground my teeth, I couldn’t wait to see if they would make it out alive.

Chris has a real knack for understanding human nature and why we do what we do. He has a gift for examining relationships, motives, the choices we make that we’re not always proud of after the fact and how those choices add up to the sum total of who we are. He also knows how to paint a pretty nasty scene full of characters I would NOT want to meet on a deserted road.

Do yourself and an indie author a favor and check this one out. You won’t be sorry!

**Heads up: One of the story’s main themes is loss, specifically the loss of a pregnancy and its repercussions. Tough subject. Just wanted to put that out there.**

Thanks Jennifer B. for the great review…at least now it will be seen!

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    Mark Bearden

    Hey Christopher, this is your friend Mark Bearden! I just entered my horror novel SNOWY in a novel writing contest at! You can read it for free, and let me know what you think. The more people read it, the more chance I have to get it published! SNOWY is about an American Eskimo/ wolf hybrid who will do anything it takes to protect his best friend, Benum, a comic book writer. Benum has no idea that Snowy has a special talent for eating the bad parts of a person. Read it, let me know, and spread the word! I hope SNOWY gets published!
    I, also, loved your book PINE LAKES! I have been recommending it like crazy!
    Keep on writing,
    Mark Bearden


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