Alternate Realities – Where Do We Go From Here? A Look At My Mythology.

The idea of alternate dimensions, parallel universes, and other realities is certainly not a new one. King has done it, Keene has done it, even Koontz has touched on it. It’s an idea that fascinates me, and the core concept of “The Darkening.” For those who have read it, you know what I’m talking about, and for those who haven’t, I won’t offer up any spoilers. My first novel goes into detail about the start of my mythology, and although everything I write is not going to be directly linked to it, the theory will continue throughout my work. Let me give you an example.

I’m currently bashing through a new novella – that seems like it wants to become a full novel – that is set in the same town and school as my novel…on the same date and time as a matter of fact. The working title is “Classroom Etiquette” but that may change as I move along. In this tale, I weave in some very familiar ideas and faces, but we know immediately that it’s not taking place in the same reality or timeline as the novel. Confused?

If we stick with the theory that there are a multitude of other universes – a multiverse – and that versions of ourselves exist in each and every one of them, the idea becomes a bit clearer. While I’m typing this, a version of myself may be being eaten by crows in another reality. Perhaps in another I’m not a writer, but a mechanic. This is the theory that is currently driving my writing, one that is very exciting for me, and allows me to revisit characters from other works…perhaps even ones who who are no longer living in our current reality!

My latest novel, “The Farm,” is not directly linked to my mythology, but as we go along, we’ll see that everything is in someway connected, even if just a location, a name, or a mention of an event from one of my previous works. The novel I’m working on, again with a working title of “Miranda,” will have a very brief connection to the first novel, although you won’t have to read them both to know what’s going on. Let’s just say that ALL KINDS of things are floating around in the endless void of space…and not only are they angry, but they’re always looking for ways to get rid of human pests.

Future works, including a novella entitled “The Border Train” and a haunted house novel entitled “The Haunting of Cold Rock Hall” will further tie into the mythology in exciting and horrifying ways, and I can’t wait to get them into your hands so you can see exactly where I’m going with this idea.

Finally, there will be a loosely-based sequel coming in the future where we revisit Elmview and see what time has done to her. I’m looking forward to walking those streets again, and I hope you are too. Just a word of caution: Elmview isn’t for tourists or thrill seekers. The lights are out, but there’s definitely someone home.

Come with me and bring a few friends…and don’t forget your flashlight.

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